About Us

Established in 1991 in Boca Raton, Florida, MJA Technologies has been servicing South Florida businesses with all of their computer consulting and IT needs. Initially doing computer repair, networking and software training, MJA branched out to the World Wide Web in the 4th quarter of 1994. By the middle of 1995, MJA was an established Internet programming shop – One of only a few in the country. We designed database application such as Search Engines, Shopping Carts, and Credit Card Authentication Systems. All development was done in C++ from scratch. Nothing was used from any other sources. Some of our clients included Lens Express, SBA Communications, Carnival Airlines and the Florida Panthers. Over the next few years the Internet blossomed and MJA’s Internet division was bought in a private cash deal in August 1997.

The late 90’s saw tremendous advances in Networking and Software protocol. MJA continued on its path as a full service IT consulting company. As clients were attained, MJA expanded its ability to offer services in Redundant Servers, Backup Procedures, Network Security, Disaster Recovery and so much more. Hundreds of South Florida businesses now had the capacity of having all their IT needs met – but without having in-house IT staff. Some of our clients included Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Legg Mason, the Sun Sentinel and hundreds of others. The tech bubble of 2001 plagued investors; however, IT consultancies, like ourselves, benefited from product development and advancement.

Beginning in 2003, MJA saw precedent setting legal cases in the areas of Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) and Computer Forensics. The aforementioned areas, coupled with Data Recovery procedures and techniques used by MJA, allowed us to further advance our service offerings. Many of the Law Firms and Forensic Accounting companies contacted us regarding Disk Cloning and Data Recovery that would be admissible in court. MJA designed protocol now used for Data Recovery, Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery), Chain of Custody and Computer Forensics. These services are now responsible for a sizable amount of our company’s workload.

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