Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery

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Primarily designed for law firms, forensic accountants and private investigators, MJA has established a presence in the area of Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery). Since 1994 we have helped dozens of lawyers, forensic CPAs, and PIs with their case load. MJA has worked cases involving divorce, malpractice, litigation, bankruptcy, products liability, admiralty, class action, anti-trust, criminal, labor, and intellectual property.

MJA is able to assist their clients in performing Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) functions. We are able to acquire Electronic Evidence (eEvidence) from computers, cell phones, removable media, and other data sources. Was the evidence deleted? We can recover it. Is it password protected? We can still access it. MJA will also consult with the Legal Team to identify other relevant data sources. Data can be stored in places most people would never think to look. We establish Chain of Custody and document all items carefully so they will be admissible in court. MJA is also able to provide Expert Witness function for our clients. We not only have an extensive technical background, but also knowledge in Information Technology as it relates to the legal sector.

MJA can also consult with you to the validity of the opposition’s evidence. If you clone a hard drive, will it be admissible? Ours will. How about the opposition? How was their evidence obtained? Was it altered? Is it forensically sound? Can they provide Hash Values? Did they use court approved hardware and software? If the opposition messed up, we will find it.

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